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Around the Town Signs supplies and distributes a complete line of backlit and flexface banners from leading brands 3M and Ultraflex. For indoor, short-term or long-term outdoor displays, our wide selection of backlit translucent vinyl and flexface sign materials will allow you to choose the perfect substrate for the intended application.

Digital Banner Materials

3M™ Envision FS-1 Flexible Substrate


22 mil, white pigmented vinyl substrate with a polyester scrim Wide width, splice free for seamless backlit signs Flexible substrate with a polyester scrim optimized for use with LEDs Printable on both sides and can be decorated with vinyl or printed graphics High light transmission – ideal in combination with energy-efficient LED lighting products

Digital Banner Materials

3M™ Panagraphics III


Translucent wide width flexible 22 mil substrate with a polyester scrim Smooth front surface and a semi−gloss finish Decorate first or second surface with inkjet direct printing or first surface with cut film Cost−effective choice for seamless, wide width backlit signs